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A Year in the Life of
the NFL

The NFL captivates football fans’ collective attention year-round. So, to contextualize what such interest means for the league, its teams, and partners, we identified and assessed various broadcast and social value elements from last year’s preseason through the 2022 NFL Draft.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

This year’s Winter Games had an array of captivating storylines across several sports. We explored which competitions had the most broadcast appeal on an overall and regional basis, while also highlighting the social reach from an event that signified the end of an era.

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Super Bowl LVI

Memorable moments amplify the brand exposure received by league partners, so we examined broadcast and social trends to determine their effect on brand value generation.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics

An athlete’s brand value is often tied to success in competition, so we evaluated the social boost each U.S. medalist received during the Tokyo Games to understand the impact of a podium finish.

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2021 March Madness

In order to assess how upsets influence viewership trends, we analyzed both average and minute-to-minute broadcast from a sample of 14 first-round matchups.

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Super Bowl LV

Broadcast viewership and social activations to the minute-to-minute level are invaluable insights tools when analyzing Super Bowl performance.

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Social Valuation Rankings 2020

Our 2020 Rankings evaluated the social media performance of the top brands, teams, and leagues over the course of the year in sports.

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COVID Impact Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a historic toll on the global economy, and resulted in significant restrictions on interpersonal interactions in the interest of public safety.

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The Match

The Match: Champions For Charity was one of the first live sporting events to return after the COVID-19 pandemic effectively shut down the sports world in mid-March of 2020.

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