Total Post Value
Total Post Value is an advertising equivalency value modeled on the engagements and number of followers at the time of the post.
Post Value $228K
Total Post Value formula
Engagement Metrics
Likes (β) + Shares (β) + Comments (β)

Each network specific passive or active engagement is compared within our trained model, which bases its learnings on historical Organic and Paid Data to generate Beta weights (constantly updating value weights) for each data point independently on a per post basis.

Audience Metrics
Followers (β) + [℮Video Views (β)] + [℮Reach (β)] + [℮Impressions (β)]

Reach and impressions for non-authenticated accounts are calculated through machine learning.
Impressions and brand awareness are the most common metric used
to anchor advertising and marketing objectives. Our model backs into impressions to deliver valuation that aligns with an advertising equivalency for CPA/CPE.

Total Brand Value
Brand Value is a portion of the Total Post Value and based on text, audio and visual detection for a brand.
Post Value $228K
Total Brand Value formula
Text Metrics ($)
Post content, Hashtags,
@ mentions, With Tags

Brand equities (i.e. post content data, or specific brand value factors, that appear within the body of a post that align with brand name, brand mention, tagline, keyword, or hashtag) are weighted and adjusted based on post performance, and provide an input value for the raw brand value score. They do not hold an independent numerical value.

Audio/Visual Metrics ($)
Recognized Detections * [size (β) + clarity (β) + location (β)]

Based on channel, placement and format, visual and audio metrics are derived via an image or video scanning process. Detections of all visually branded elements within a post are valued based on calculations of size, duration (not valid for image), location/position, and clarity (visibility and clutter).