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All Eyes on SoFi
Two teams separated themselves from the rest of the NFL following an exhaustive preseason, merciless regular season, and pressure-packed postseason. Playing in the same venue they call home – SoFi Arena – the Los Angeles Rams proved their supremacy by outlasting the Cincinnati Bengals in a competitive Super Bowl LVI watched by an average of 71.16 million households. We explored how NBC showcased NFL sponsors throughout the telecast for viewers across the country, highlighting which brands received the most value from their NFL partnerships, what assets proved most beneficial, and how the findings compared to regular season broadcasts.

Headsets Go Hollywood

We compared each of the major asset placements – headsets, ribbon LEDs, sideline equipment, stadium signage, and tunnel signage – during Super Bowl LVI to league-wide season averages as well as the regular season averages during games which Los Angeles and Cincinnati played at home. The only asset placements to experience increases across the board were team headsets. During the championship game, broadcasts showed branded headsets atop coaches’ heads for one minute and 48 seconds longer than the league-wide average during the 2021 season. More appreciably, headsets were visible during the Super Bowl for a full three minutes and 18 seconds longer than the average for Bengals’ home games last season. Conversely, sideline equipment exposure declined considerably, including a drop of two minutes and 29 seconds compared to Rams home games throughout the 2021 campaign.

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Exposure Overview

Overwhelmingly, the most oft-seen brand during Super Bowl LVI was Bose, which received seven minutes and eight seconds worth of exposure by virtue of the company’s logo adorning headsets worn by coaches on the sideline. Occupying the second and third positions in terms of brand exposure were Pepsi and SoFi, which each earned significant airtime during the halftime show.

Exposure Breakdown

The chart below highlights each instance during Super Bowl LVI when MVP’s artificial intelligence detected logos from NFL partners on NBC’s broadcast. It shows in detail when the branding was present on screen, how long it was featured, and the value generated as a result. We encourage you to use your cursor to explore the game's moments through brand exposure and placements.

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Broadcast Brand Value Generated

We have also itemized the totality of brand value generated by league partners over the course of the Super Bowl LVI broadcast. Graphics integration yielded results superior to all other forms of branding placement, netting $67.95M worth of brand value for Pepsi, Samsung, SoFi, and Verizon. Pepsi, largely as a result of branding shown during the halftime show, led all NFL partners by receiving $51.54M in brand value. Yet, consistent with our findings regarding headsets' increased exposure, Bose surpassed the rest of the game's sponsorship roster by earning a brand value total of $36.05M.

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The brands featured on-screen during Super Bowl LVI have enjoyed a second life on social media in the aftermath of the game. Clips and highlights of the broadcast have been shared millions of times across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, allowing top partners to reap additional benefits from their partnerships online. The halftime moment clearly resonated with fans, as proven by Pepsi adding $1.62M worth of value on social while SoFi bolstered its value by $195,863. Rounding out the top three brands was Nike, which earned $133,008 in social brand value.

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